Akira Takeuchi

Ividea Public Relations Co.,Ltd
President & CEO
Takeuchi Akira (Chinese name, Wang Xiwei)
Ividea Culture Co., Ltd. Overseas Business VP and CEO of Ividea Public Relations Co.,Ltd.

Achieved bachelor degree from Peking University in the field of Foreign Language. Gained master degree in Humanity&Sociology from University of Tokyo. Worked in Baidu, Panasonic and Nippon Research Institute etc. before. From the beginning of 2017, has taken the position of overseas business VP of Beijing Aofuji Culture Co.,Ltd., which is among the top class of Chinese content creation companies. The same year, holding the position of President&CEO of Aofuji Public relations Co.,Ltd, which was established by the joint venture of the Aofuji Culture Group and Inoue Public Relations.
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