Mariko Fukui

Aalto International Group / Mynewsdesk Japan
CEO, Managing Director
Following her graduation from Doshisha University, Mariko worked at a PR firm in the Hakuhodo group and a digital agency in Japan. Afterwards, Mariko was part of the launch of a Japanese company’s business in Singapore, where she engaged in corporate sales and Asia-targeted PR. While in Singapore, Mariko soon founded AALTO International, a consultancy focused on B2B technology firms. Shortly afterwards, she moved AALTO’s Headquarter to Kyoto, while also opening an office in Germany - a global hub for the automotive and industrial sector. Under the mission of “increasing Japanese companies’ presence in the world”, AALTO has developed into a company specialized in proving global development strategy & new business development support in the B2B sector. Through a vast network of influencers such as government, media, industry organizations and companies, AALTO aims to support its clients by connecting them to the people that matter most. Furthermore, AALTO is the exclusive provider of the global PR platform Mynewsdesk in Japan. Today, Mariko spends most of her time in Kyoto, where she is also studying in Kyoto University Graduate School of Management.
KYOTO17:00 - 17:50 [C-5] B to B corporate global communication